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April 26, 2012
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Dave x Reader: Double DJ Show

You are an aspiring DJ. You are one of the very few girls in the industry, plus the fact that you refuse to have a manager.
You love music with a passion! You put your heart and soul into every one of your performances. You are fairly well known in the U.S. and have a wide variety of fans. You normally go by your DJ name which is _________, but your actual name is (First)(Last). You don't have many friends in real life, but you do have a few that you met on Pesterchum. Your chumhandle is (C/H).


You grabbed your laptop, and a few other items you would need for your show, put them into your bag and headed out to your car. Tonight you had a joint show with another DJ, DStriderNasty is what he went by. This was your first time working with him but if first impressions were any indication, it should be fairly simple to get through the show without strangling anyone.
You parked your car got out and locked it. You swung your bag over one shoulder and walked over to the back entrance of the building. You didn't like being flashy and all the attention that one would get if you went through the front where all the rabid fans waited to pounce. You showed your ID to the guard, he nodded and opened the door for you. You went inside giving the guard a quick nod and thanks. You put you ID back in your pocket and headed down the hall.
You made it your dressing room and set your stuff down. You pulled your phone out to check the time. '4:50, about 10-15 minutes until people can come in...'
You sighed, put your phone back in your pocket and decided to check out the stage. You were checking out how big the room was and was just about to yell some random word to see how it echoed, but were interrupted before doing so.
"So I take it your (DJ Name)." It was definitely a statement. You turned and saw that the one who had spoken was DStriderNasty.
You raised your eyebrow in question like 'Yeah, and just what do you want?". He kept his poker face in place, turned, and left, leaving you very confused.
You shrugged and continued your inspection of the stage and where the crowd would be. Once you deemed your inspection done you left the stage and decided to see how the show was planned to proceed. You managed to flag down one of the stage hands and ask him.
"Well, once everyone's inside we plan to start with Mr. Landes giving a 'small' speech. Then once he exits you and DStriderNasty will go on with your guy's performance. Personally, I can't wait to see you both perform. It's really exciting since I must admit that I am a fan of your work." He laughed out of embarrassment, and smiled kindly.
"Heh, well thank you." You inclined your head towards him before walking back towards your dressing room.
Just before you rounded the corner that would put you where your dressing room was, you heard voices which made you stop in your tracks. You peeked around the corner to see DStriderNasty being talked at by some really annoyed tall guy who wore a black business suit. You guessed that this guy was his manager. You felt kind of bad for DStriderNasty. Especially since you had opted for no manager, this being one of the reasons why. You stepped out from around the corner and decided to draw their attention.
"Hey! Guy in the black suit!" Both males turned to look at you. The Manager did not look happy one bit.
"And just what do you want girlie?!" You felt your eye twitch at being called 'girlie'. It was rather demeaning.
"Why don't you just let the guy do his thing? Pressuring a DJ right before a show can extremely ruin their performance, 'cause they got something else on their mind other than the music. Oh, and don't call me girlie." This made the Manager even more angry. You took a quick glance at DStriderNasty and saw that he was confused and kind of surprised if you were any judge.
"And just who the hell do you think you are you little bitch!" That did it right there. You were on the edge of losing your temper and the strain in your voice surely pointed this out to the both of them.
"You better back the FUCK off dude. Or so help me.." You stared him straight in the eye and he backed down and tried to act like the better person. After a couple minutes of silence he spoke.
"W-Well, I'm sorry that I lost control of myself back there. It.. It was very unprofessional for me to act that way." You could tell he was faking it but you also knew it was the best you were gonna get.
He walked off and as soon as he was around the corner you let out the air you had been holding to make sure you didn't lose your temper. DStriderNasty looked like he wanted to say or ask something but he seemed to decide against it. You shrugged and went over to your dressing room. You opened the door but didn't go in right away. Instead you turned to look back at DStriderNasty and spoke to him in a teasing manner.
"You know it's a good rule of thumb to thank someone when they help you." Before he could respond you closed the door and locked it behind you.
You walked away from the door and sat down on the chair by the make-up desk. You didn't really wear make-up, mostly just cause it just wasn't really practical for you to wear it. You spun in the chair for a little bit before you decided to see if anyone was online. You turned on your phone and opened Pesterchum. It turns out that the only people on were John, Nepeta, and Rose. You chose to Pester John since he seemed to know how to get you out of these boredom spells.

-- (chumHandle) [     ] began pestering ectoBiologist [EB] at 17:30 --

[     ]: Jooohhhhnnnn
[EB]: what's up (name)?? :B
[     ]: I'm bored out of my mind!!! Dx
[EB]: and how is that different from any other point in time xD
[     ]: S-Shut up! I honestly can't do anything since I have awhile before I have to perform >///<
[EB]: well that sounds like it'll be a lot if fun
[EB]: you know what would be funny?
[     ]: ……… what??
[EB]: if you were performing with another friend of mine
[     ]: And who is this friend?? Since I am performing with another DJ tonight....
[EB]: his name's Dave Strider

You nearly dropped your phone out of sheer shock. No way! There has to be no freaking way!!

[EB]: (name)??? are you still there????
[     ]: um.. uh.. yeah I'm still here...
[     ]: But, you've gotta be kidding me!! The DJ I'm performing with is DStriderNasty!!!
[EB]: wow!! hahahahaha that's haha that's amazing right there
[EB]: does he have blond hair that's swept more to the side, pale-ish skin, keeps a complete mask on his emotions, and these shades [link]?
[     ]: Oh you can't be serious! He's exactly the guy you just described!
[EB]: hehehe, looks like you have a Strider on your hands
[EB]: oh! sorry (name) my dad needs me so talk to you later

ectoBiologist [EB] has left his computer

-- (ChumHandle) [     ] ceased pestering ectoBiologist [EB] at 17:40 --

You sat there thinking for a while before deciding to get all your stuff set up and ready. You grabbed your bag that had all your stuff in it and quietly snuck out of your room. You closed the door behind you as softly as you could and tiptoed down to the corner of the hallway. Just as you got around the corner you froze. There stood DStri- Dave, you corrected yourself, stood in front of you with his arms crossed and what seemed like a skeptical look on his face. You quickly looked elsewhere and didn't meet his gaze.
"Where were you heading off to?" It seemed like he was trying to sound uninterested. You tried to respond nonchalantly.
"Oh, well.. um.. I was just.. you know... going to go set up." You mentally face-palmed.
"Alright. So you wouldn't mind if I went with you so I can set up as well." You glanced up at him to see he was rather close and had a small smirk on his face. You felt your face begin to heat up and a weird churning feeling in your stomach.
" s-sure. Do whatever the hell you want..! I-It's not like it matters what I say anyhow...." You tore your gaze away and took a step back. You hated how when you were embarrassed or flustered you always seemed to say things you didn't mean.
He just shrugged his shoulders and said he would be back in a flash. He just disappeared into thin air. You sighed and leaned against the wall, your thoughts swimming with the Strider who just left. You closed your eyes and tried to quell the thoughts and the sickening feeling in your stomach. You felt someone tap your shoulder, causing you to jump away in surprise.
"W-Wha!!" You clutched your chest trying calm the erratic beating of your heart.
"Hey? You okay??" You opened one eye to look at him. He looked actually concerned.
"Um... yeah.. yeah... I'll be alright. But you can't sneak up on me like that! Okay?"
".....Alright." His blank mask was back in place.
He picked up his bag and the both of you headed down to the stage area. It was silent for basically the whole way. You continually kept glancing at the Strider next to you. He was a good bit taller than you but he also seemed paler which was somewhat concerning. You brushed it aside as probably nothing. Just before you guys reached the hallway that would take you too the stage, Dave came to an abrupt stop. You stopped and turned to look at him with a questioning expression.
"(Name). I need you to promise me something for right now." 'He seems... kind of.. scared!', you realized with with surprise.
"Okay..?" He seemed to be looking you straight in the eye and you felt like you couldn't look away.
"I want you to promise me that no matter what happens tonight, you'll keep yourself safe okay?" He seemed so much more serious than normal, which worried you a fair bit.
"Okay, I promise Dav- I mean DStriderNasty." He nodded his head, completely oblivious to your almost slip up. You had to remember that he didn't know that you knew his actual name. You sighed and followed after the pale blond boy.
You both made it to the stage and quietly set up your equipment and plugged chords in here and there. You glanced over to Dave and saw him leaning against the front of his turntables and watching the stage from the small crack in-between the thick curtains. He seemed to be keeping a look out for someone or something. Obviously something was seriously bothering him but you had no idea what it was. You looked back down to your hands and sighed. You decided to put it out of your mind for now so you could focus more on your performance.
You brought up your playlist you had made for tonight's performance. You didn't have to many worries since you were both given a few guidelines for music, so you had decided to go with a few of your favorites. You heard applauding from the other side of the curtain, telling you that it was time. You glanced over once again to your right and saw Dave had walked around to the other side of his turntables and adjusted a few things here and there and was done. You heard the announcer start to introduce the both of you.
"And now, the show you all have come to see... (DJName) and DStriderNasty!!" The curtains opened, the room was dark, the lights were blinding, and yet the uproar of the crowd was so familiar and comforting. You just felt yourself grin widely.
You chanced a quick look at Dave and it seemed like you were going to have to be the one to start this thing. You grabbed your mic.
"How's everyone doing out there tonight?! I'm (DJName) and tonight me and DStriderNasty are performing together. So are you ready for this!!" You heard a loud uproar as a response. As you clicked play on your laptop the light show started and the music blared.
You lost yourself in the music. It's beat, the lyrics, just the overall sound moving you from deep down in your being. Dave had started at the same time, and together you two played and mixed the music up here and there. Wherever it felt right.
Suddenly you felt like something was off. It was really beginning to bug you, since it felt like a pair of cold deadly eyes were glaring icy daggers at you. Suddenly you heard screaming coming from the audience, you turned and saw a man running right for Dave while holding some sort of weapon. What it was you couldn't tell but it made you worried all the same. Everyone froze, the music stopped, and the house lights came on, bringing everything into relief. The man had a crazed look in his eye and you saw the weapon he had in his hand was a gun. You gulped as your beating heart reminded you just how terrified you felt.
"Now your gonna get it you asshole!" You saw him aim the gun at Dave and heard it fire. You cringed from the sound but when you opened your eyes Dave seemed to be completely fine and the crazed idiot with the gun was on the ground unconscious. You went over to him to see if everything was as it seemed.
"Dave! Are you alright??" You stood in front of him but as soon as you realized what you had said your eyes widened in shock and your hands flew up over your mouth.
He seemed to frown slightly behind his sunglasses. He grabbed your wrist and dragged you off stage. You felt horrible. The show had been ruined, Dave knew that you knew his real name, he had been attacked, and now you had no idea what to expect from the Strider. You followed along not really having much choice. He stopped in front of his door a few moments so he could open it and pulled/pushed you in as well. You heard the sound of the lock clicking but when you saw his face, he didn't seem angry at all.
"How do you know my name?" You fiddled with your necklace before responding.
"Well... I was um.. talking to one of my friends on PesterChum, John Egbert, and he said that he knew you and told me your name... that's basically all that happened." You looked everywhere else but where Dave currently stood. You weren't sure as to how well you could say this stuff to him if you did.
"So Egderp told you, huh." When you glanced at him he seemed just the slightest disappointed. You raised your eyebrow but didn't say anything. Dave sat down heavily on the couch and huffed. While you sat on the opposite end and leaned back. You pulled out your phone and saw that John was pestering you again. Before you could respond Dave spoke.
"Hey, what's your chumHandle? Mine is turntechGodhead." You looked over at him and saw that he was looking right back at you. You felt your face heat up once again before answering the question.
"My chumHandle is ___________ if you must know."
You sighed and tried to go back to trying to respond to John. But before you could start typing anything you could see out of the corner of your eye just how close Dave had suddenly gotten. He started to play with a strand of your hair absent-absentmindedly.
"So what's your real name? The derp won't tell me, and it's only fair since you know mine." You pulled back a little so he would stop playing with your hair and felt your face heat up even more.
"My name is (First)(Last)."
"Heh, that's a pretty cute name." You quickly looked over and was about to retort but were instead greeted with Dave being rather close to you. Even more so than before, as in his leg was touching your's and you could've sworn that he was getting closer.
"D-Dave? W-W-What are you doing??" You managed to squeak out as you felt as though your face couldn't get any redder than it currently was at that moment. He just simply smirked.
His lips made contact with yours and you felt yourself kissing him back. Your arms wound their way behind his head and pulled him in closer as you felt his hands tangle themselves in your hair. You felt him lick your bottom lip as though asking for you permission, which you allowed. His tongue shot into your mouth and left no corner unexplored. You tried to follow along with him and followed along clumsily. When the both of you pulled away for air, neither of you needed to say anything. Before anything else happened you both heard banging on the door.
"Excuse me! Mr.Strider!! I know your in there, I need to talk with you. Unlock this door this instant!!" You glared at the door wanting to make the pesky Manager go away. Dave laughed at your pouting face saying just how cute you looked, causing you to giggle along with him. You both knew that you both loved the other so no words had to be said as you enjoyed one another's company and laughed the night away.
Hehehe, I feel proud of myself since I finished writing this while RPing as Karkat with an Eridan. :D
#18 for the 100 writing themes thingy.
Also I now apparently ship Eridan/Karkat....... XD

Homestuck =>:iconandrewhussieplz:
You=> You (hopefully)
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I do my own music as a young DJ(12). I go to house party's and play music mixing up cool beats! I always wanted to be a DJ in real life ^.^ maybe I will! I tell people to call me DJ BlackWing >3< So yeah! I've been doing the DJ thing mixing beats ever since I was 6 or 7. My dad taught me SO THIS STORY IS PERFECT!!!! :D
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